Word Work

Puzzles and Activities to Reinforce Unit Vocabulary and Develop Scientific Literacy

Custom Science Vocabulary Lessons

Create vocabulary lessons from premade Science A-Z word lists on sister site Vocabulary A-Z to reinforce key terms and definitions.

Science A-Z Word Work activity sheets provide practice with unit vocabulary and strengthen scientific literacy through fun puzzles and activities. Students apply critical-thinking skills as they develop proficiency with the specialized language of science. Each set of Word Work science resources might include activities such as Crossword, Word Search, Matching, Fill-in-the-Blank, Unscramble, Word Sort, Analogies, and more! Answer keys for teachers make checking student answers easy.

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Fill in the Blank; Matching; Syllables


Earth & Space

Word Search; Wordplay; Syllables

Earth, Moon, and Sun

Matching; Word Sort; Analogies/Fill in the Blank

Earth's Surface