Hands-On Science Lessons and Experiments for Kids

Science A-Z ensures that teachers have the resources they need to develop students' science knowledge and practices while also supporting key literacy skills.

  • Thousands of resources to teach core science ideas and practices
  • Multilevel books to differentiate reading instruction
  • Hands-on experiments and projects to apply science concepts

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Differentiated Science Lessons and Activities for K-6 Students

Science A-Z is an award-winning curriculum resource that provides a robust library of multilevel informational texts, hands-on experiments, and other engaging learning opportunities.

  • Differentiate instruction with multilevel reading materials offered across three grade spans (K-2, 3-4, and 5-6).
  • Put science into practice with high-interest science activities and projects that foster curiosity and investigation.
  • Expand students' understanding with additional current events and STEM-focused resources.
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Customizable Lessons and Informational Texts
in Four Scientific Domains

Science A-Z offers an abundance of resources for teachers and students offered in comprehensive units across four scientific domains: Life, Earth and Space, Physical, and Process Science.

  • Life Science Resources teach students about the living world around them and how organisms interact with one another.
  • Earth and Space Science Resources teach students about features, materials, and processes on Earth and in outer space.
  • Physical Science Resources teach students about the nature and properties of energy, forces, and matter.
  • Process Science Resources teach students about the skills and tools necessary to conduct investigations and find answers.
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Science Curriculum and Lessons

Multilevel Texts that Seamlessly Integrate Science and Reading

Science A-Z provides a library of developmentally appropriate content to teach students science concepts, literacy skills, and the practices of science and engineering through printable and digital books and other resources.

  • Satisfy both science and ELA curriculum standards with engaging content offered across three grade spans.
  • Supplement instruction with hundreds of supporting texts, activity sheets, and lesson extensions that expand student understanding.
  • Improve the home-to-school connection with engaging multilevel eBooks students can access anytime, anywhere.
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Hands-On Learning Experiences for K-6 Students

Science is best learned through hands-on experiences. Science A-Z delivers an extensive collection of engaging activities, guided experiments, and open-ended projects that allow students to think and investigate like scientists and engineers.

  • Put science into practice with engaging experiments and activities that use everyday items to expand on unit concepts
  • Promote collaboration and inquiry-based learning with open-ended challenges that require students to apply STEM practices.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation with the resources necessary to conduct a science fair.
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