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This unit helps students explore how and why humans use their five senses. It addresses the body parts used for each sense, as well as how these senses communicate with the brain to make meaning of the incoming information. The unit also addresses how each sense keeps us safe.

Process Activities

Identifying Substances by Smell

Senses Poster

Sensory Deprivation


Supporting Materials

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Additional Reading

Comprehension Support


Science Videos

Food Flavor Mystery Solved
Let's Hear It For Ears
What Color Is Spring for You?

Career Files

K-9 Police Officer; Optometrist; Perfume Maker; Sign Translator

Concept Books

Retelling Rubrics

Nonfiction Retelling Rubric

Vocabulary Cards

Word Work

Crossword; Fill in the Blank; Wordplay

Book Assembly

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Double-Sided Concept

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