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The world is full of many types of animals. Animals share several common needs, but they also have diverse habits and characteristics. The unit Animals helps students discover what makes animals similar and what makes them different. Topics include habitat, diet, body parts, movement, special abilities, and more.


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Science Videos

A Day in the Life of a Sea Otter
Adventures of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Monkeys Can Share, Too
The Harbor Seal in Seaside Homebody
The Killer Whale in Three of a Kind
The Manatee in Destination: Warm Waters
Wandering Seals
Weird Animals: Blackspotted Puffer Fish
Weird Animals: Giant Moray Eel
Weird Animals: Manta Ray
Weird Animals: Painted Flutemouth Fish
Weird Animals: Sea Cucumber

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Veterinarian; Wildlife Photographer; Zookeeper

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The Iwanna Bird
The Iwanna Bird
The Iwanna Bird

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