Grade K-2, Physical, Magnets Unit
The book Magnets explains that magnets pull on, or attract, other metals. Magnets do not attract all metals, nor do they attract other materials. Every magnet has a north and a south pole. A magnet's north pole is attracted to another magnet's south pole. But two north or two south poles will repel each other. Magnetic lines of force flow out of the north pole, move around the magnet, and return to the magnet through the south pole. These lines form a magnetic field. The force of a magnet, called magnetism, is invisible but can be very strong. Magnets can even act on objects without touching them. Magnets can be used to make electricity, and electricity can be used to make magnets. Magnets help run motors in electric devices and help generate the electricity that powers homes. Magnets can be found in many familiar items.

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