Next Generation Science Standards

Resources that Support Three-Dimensional Learning

Science A-Z supports teachers as they implement the Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS). Certain resources—Storylines in particular—adopt a three-dimensional approach by blending content, big ideas, and practices, while other resources can be combined to support the integration of all three dimensions.

Students learn about and practice many of the science and engineering practices, including asking questions, analyzing and interpreting data, and developing and using models. Students develop these practices both independently and in collaborative hands-on learning environments. Examples of these resources include Process Activities, FOCUS Book activities, and Project-Based Learning Packs.

Science A-Z offers a library of resources that help teach the disciplinary core ideas of science through reading and doing, including Unit Nonfiction Books, Investigation Packs, Quick Reads, and Debates.

Science A-Zís comprehensive units provide valuable exposure to the crosscutting concepts of science, such as patterns or cause and effect. Science Diagrams, Science in the News, and Science Videos help illustrate many of these concepts in various scientific contexts.

Using a blend of Science A-Z resources with students helps prepare them to meet the performance expectations. Most of the resources support performance expectations for grades K-5 in Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Engineering, while some resources also support middle school learning objectives.

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