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Outside the Solar System
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Outside the Solar System

The universe is an incomprehensibly large space. It is filled with countless stars, galaxies, and other features. This unit helps students understand more about what lies beyond the reaches of our Solar System, in deep space. The unit addresses the life cycle of stars, the existence of faraway planets and planetary systems, nebulas, supernovas, black holes, and galaxies. It also discusses the history of space exploration and theories about the origins of the universe.


Supporting Materials

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Science Videos

A Supernova Produces a Black Hole (no audio)
Evolution of the Universe
Fifty New Exoplanets
Interstellar Voyager
Kepler Discovers Its First Rocky Planet
NASA for Kids: Introduction to Engineering
Planetary Evolution
Planetary Studies
Radio Telescopes Zoom into a Black Hole's Jets
The Andromeda Galaxy
The Big Bang (no audio)
The Milky Way Galaxy

Career Files

Astronomer; Astrophysicist; Planetarium Curator

Quick Reads

Understanding the Universe
Understanding the Universe
Understanding the Universe

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Outside the Solar System

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