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All living things change. Over long periods of time, species must gradually adapt to meet the challenges of their environment, or they will not survive. This unit helps students explore how and why organisms-including plants, animals, and humans-adapt to their environment. It addresses the difference between physical and behavioral adaptations, as well as distinguishing between behaviors that are instincts and those that are learned.

Process Activities

Bird Beak Adaptations

Controlling Water Loss from Leaves

Design Animal Adaptations


Supporting Materials

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Additional Reading

Comprehension Support


Science Videos

City vs. Country Birds
Creatures of the Deep: Anglerfish
Deep-Ocean Volcanoes
Glowing Ocean Life
The Octopus and the Coconut (no audio)

Career Files

Wildlife Technician; Botanist; Microbiologist

Retelling Rubrics

Nonfiction Retelling Rubric

Vocabulary Cards

Word Work

Crossword; Analogies/Fill in the Blank; Unscramble

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