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Space Systems: Stars and the Solar System

Using the Science A-Z resources below will help students develop proficiency in Disciplinary Core Ideas, engage in Science and Engineering Practices, and recognize Crosscutting Concepts as they build toward fulfilling one or more of the grade 5 Performance Expectations related to Space Systems: Stars and the Solar System.
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Earth & Space

Outside the Solar System

Galaxies Far, Far Away - FOCUS Book
Powerful Telescopes - FOCUS Book
New Space Telescope - Debate

Atmosphere and Climate

Seasons and Climate - FOCUS Book
Daylight Throughout the Year - Science Diagram
Earth's Seasons - Science Diagram

Force and Motion

Gravity in the Solar System - FOCUS Book
Roller Coasters - FOCUS Book
Force and Motion in Kickball - Science Video
Direction of Gravity's Pull on Earth - Science Diagram