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Science Diagrams: Printable and Projectable

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Science diagrams help illustrate important and sometimes complex concepts. By studying a science diagram, students can visualize patterns, systems, scale, structure, and function. In addition to helping illustrate science content, diagrams are valuable instructional tools that allow students to practice the skills of reading and interpreting visual devices. After studying diagrams, students will also be better prepared to create their own diagrams. Many science standards call for students to both interpret and create diagrams.

Science diagrams often appeal to visual learners and, in turn, allow teachers to individualize and differentiate instruction to address multiple learning styles and modalities in the classroom. The Science A–Z science diagram collection consists of full-color, full-page diagrams. Some are enhanced versions of those found within other unit materials, while others are only found in this library.

Science A–Z science diagrams are available as printable PDFs, which can be used as worksheets, or as online projectables, allowing teachers to display them on a monitor, whiteboard, or screen. Use the Science Diagram Teacher's Guide for many tips on using diagrams with students in fun and valuable ways.

Current Science Diagrams: Printable and Projectable
Grades K–2 Grades 3–4 Grades 5–6
Life Science

Earth Science

Physical Science

Process Science