Earth's Land and Water

Earth's Land and Water

Grade 2 - Earth's Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth

In this Storyline, students develop an understanding of where landforms and bodies of water are located, and how these features of Earth's surface are shaped by both rapid and slow dynamic processes. They apply their knowledge of Earth's land and water to design and compare solutions aimed at preventing changes to the land.


Anchoring Phenomenon

Shapes of the Land Concept Book

Water on Earth Concept Book

A Landforms Adventure Reading A-Z Leveled Book

U.S. Map Template

Reading a Map Assessment

Lake Monona Reference Pictures

What Is Ice? - Science Video

Water on Earth Assessment

The Grand Canyon - Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Research - Nonfiction Graphic Organizer

How Water Affects Mountain Landscapes - Science Video

Harmful Hurricanes - FOCUS Book

Water and Wind Can Change Earth’s Surface Assessment

Landslide Reference Picture

Erosion Control - Process Activity

Solution Evaluation Chart - Nonfiction Graphic Organizer

Preventing Changes to the Land Assessment

Volcanoes Change the Shape of the Land - Science Video

Earthquake Moves Cities, Changes Time! - Science In The News

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Research - Nonfiction Graphic Organizer

Changes to Earth’s Surface Assessment

End of Storyline

Book Assembly