Sunlight and Weather

Sunlight and Weather

Grade K - Weather and Climate

In this Storyline, students develop an understanding of the warming effect sunlight has on materials at Earth's surface and then design structures to reduce that effect on objects. They observe and analyze patterns in weather data over time and also learn about several types of severe weather, its effects, and where it is most likely to happen. Finally, students discuss how people rely on weather forecasts and warnings to prepare for and stay safe during severe weather.


Anchoring Phenomenon

Day at the Beach Reference Pictures

Lesson 1

Sunlight and Earth's Surface Assessment

Animals in Shade Reference Picture

Blocking Sunlight Assessment

Air Temperature Animation - Science Video

Go Away, Sun! Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Weather Journal - Process Activity

Weather Month by Month Picture Book Template

Cotton Ball Clouds - Process Activity

A Hot and Cold Problem - Debate

Temperature Concept Book

Clouds Concept Book

Wind Concept Book

Precipitation Concept Book

A Cold Day Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Snow Falls Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Weather Patterns Assessment

Storm - Science Video

Ice Reading A-Z Leveled Book

The Rainstorm Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Storms Concept Book

Wind Blows Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Harmful Hurricanes - FOCUS Book

Santa Ana Winds - I.File

Blizzards - I.File

Haboob - I.File

Hurricanes - I.File

Tornadoes - I.File

Monsoons - I.File

Bad Weather Assessment

Monsoons - I.File

Forecasting the Weather - FOCUS Book

TV Weather Forecaster; Jet Pilot; Hot-Air Balloon Pilot; NOAA Weather Person - Career File

How Is the Weather Today? Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Weather Forecasting Assessment

End of Storyline

Book Assembly