How Plants and Animals Survive

How Plants and Animals Survive

Grade 1 - Structure, Function, and Information Processing

In this Storyline, students develop an understanding of the relationship between structure and function by examining how the parts of organisms help them to survive and grow. Using this knowledge, students design an object that solves a problem by mimicking the structure and function of an animal or plant part. Students then identify similarities and differences in parents and offspring, and among individuals of the same species. Finally, students identify patterns of parent and offspring behavior that help the offspring survive.


Anchoring Phenomenon

Mystery Baby Reference Picture

Giant Anteater - I.File

Weird Animals: Sea Cucumber - Science Video

Weird Animals: Manta Ray - Science Video

Weird Animals: Blackspotted Puffer Fish - Science Video

Weird Animals: Giant Moray Eel - Science Video

Weird Animals: Painted Flutemouth Fish - Science Video

Vampire Weeds - Science Video

Research - Nonfiction Graphic Organizer

Animal and Plant Parts Assessment

Hang Glider Reference Picture

Solving Problems Assessment

Ride, Cling, Run Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Living Things of the Same Kind Picture Cards

Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning - Nonfiction Graphic Organizer

Same and Different Assessment

Mystery Behavior (no audio) - Science Video

Parents Help - Science Video

Animal Dads Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Moms Do So Much Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Parent and Offspring Behaviors Assessment

End of Storyline

Book Assembly