Living Things and the Places Where They Live

Living Things and the Places Where They Live

Grade K - Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals, Plants, and Their Environment

In this Storyline, students develop an understanding of what plants and animals, including people, need to survive and how they get what they need from the places where they live. Students apply their knowledge to propose ways of protecting living things and their habitats.


Anchoring Phenomenon

Desert Ecosystem Picture Book

Pond Ecosystem Assessment

Plants, Water, and Sunlight - Process Activity

Plants Seeking Light - Science Video

What Plants Need Assessment

Animals of the Rivers - FOCUS Book

Living Things Change Their Environment Assessment

The Forest - Reading A-Z Leveled Book

Forest Ecosystem Picture Book

Comparing Ecosystems Assessment

People Use Land and Water Concept Book

People Change the Environment Assessment

Lesson 6

Helping the Environment Assessment

End of Storyline

Book Assembly