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Assignment gives students access to digital assignments from the teacher. Science Library gives students access to independently read, watch, complete interactivities for fun. In the News gives students access to Science in the News issues containing current events in all areas of science as well as technology and engineering. Messages lets students read encouraging messages from their teacher and parents My Stats lets students view overall stars earned, completed reading activities and badges earned. Star Zone is an incentive area for students to cash in their stars for the Avatar Builder or the Raz-Rocket.


Students go to the Assignment area to complete activities that you have digitally assigned.

Science Library

The Science Library is where students can access reading, watching, and interactivity resources for practice, interest, or enjoyment.

You can customize your student's Science Library experience in the Roster under the Science A-Z tab.

In The News

Each Science in the News issue features compelling news articles for kids.

Articles address current events in multiple areas of science, technology, and engineering.


Students can use the dashboard to navigate to messages from you or their parents and to view notifications when they earn badges.

You can send students messages and award them bonus stars from the Roster.

Parents can also send messages from the Parent Portal.

Star Zone

Students earn stars by completing activities. They can spend their stars by customizing their avatar in the Avatar Builder or Raz-Rocket in the Star Zone.

You can turn these incentives On or Off in the Classroom Roster under the General Tab.

My Stats

Students can check their reading progress and badges in My Stats.

You can check student progress from the Activity Report.


Badges reward students for achieving milestones and incentivize them to complete more activities. These badges will help students set goals and become more engaged in their learning.