Projectable Smartboard


Science A-Z Projectable Resources For Whole-Class and Small-Group Instruction

Science A-Z projectable resources contain built-in tools that make it easy to use a digital projector or interactive white board for whole-class or small-group instruction. Books, Quick Reads, Process Activities, I.Files, and most other resources are available in projectable format on Science A-Z.

Projectables work with or without an interactive white board.

Built-in tools with every projectable

  • Drawing Pen

  • Highlighter

  • Text Tool

  • Stamp

  • Framing Tool

  • Eraser Tool

  • Reset Tool

Science A-Z projectable resources make it easy for you to integrate technology as you meet science, technology, engineering, and math objectives.

Projectable Layouts

Use our projectable tools with various layouts to model or enhance your lesson. Your work will be saved automatically. Please visit our graphic organizer page for additional layouts.