Let’s make Halloween 2020 one to remember!

Students have until October 31 to earn stars and donate them to provide help for families in need.

Learning A-Z has partnered with UNICEF Kid Power to empower and incentivize kids to actively support their communities while they learn.

Teaching during a pandemic brings a whole new set of challenges. How do you engage students—and keep them motivated—while also supporting positive social-emotional outcomes? We’ve partnered with Unicef Kid Power to give you a new tool to tap into each student’s deeper sense of purpose, through giving back together.

Now, your students can convert the digital stars they earn by reading books, taking quizzes, or completing learning tasks into virtual coins they can redeem to provide meals for local families in need! You can also donate by classroom, thus building a sense of purpose and community while boosting student engagement and motivation.

Students are loving it! They’ve already donated over 200,000,000 stars! That’s more than 40,000 meals! They can also earn three fun badges: Free Lunch, Cafeteria Hero, and Head Chef.