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Science Series

Correlations of Core Science Series Textbooks to Science AZ Units

Find Science A-Z resources that correlate to major science textbook series. The Science A-Z resource correlations for each science series textbook are organized by the textbooks grade level and then by units or chapters. These correlations contain a list of selected Science A-Z resources that can be used to supplement the content covered in the textbook.

Science A-Z Correlations to Houghton Mifflin

Science (2007)

Life Science — Grade 1 — Unit A — Plants, Animals, and People

Publisher Information Science A-Z Resources*
Note: All three levels of Science A-Z materials are correlated for each resource below unless otherwise noted.
Chapter Title & Lessons/Topics Nonfiction Books Quick Reads Process Activities Other Resources
Chapter 1: Plants
  • What Are the Parts of Plants?
  • How Can Plants Be Sorted?
  • How Do Plants Change as They Grow?
Unit — Plants
  • Plants
Unit — Plants
  • What Plants Give Us (low)
  • Where Plants Live (low)
  • Kinds of Seeds (low)
  • Plant Parts (low)
  • The Wonderful Tree (mid, high)
  • Desert Plants (mid, high)
  • Grains (mid, high)
  • Do Not Touch! (mid, high)
Unit — Plants
  • Plants, Water, and Sunlight
  • Fruit Seeds
  • Sorting Leaves
Unit — Plants
  • Movies: Vampire Weed
  • Career Files: Maple Tapper; Logger; Flower Grower; Landscape Gardener
  • Game Pack: Plants Game Pack — All
  • Concept Books: All Plants Concept Books
Chapter 2: Animals
  • How Do Animals Use Their Parts?
  • How Are Animals Grouped?
  • How Do Animals Grow and Change?
Unit — Animals
  • Animals, Animals
Unit — Animals
  • Food (low)
  • Moving (low)
  • Fur, Feathers, and Scales (low)
  • Ocean and Desert Homes (low)
  • Grab Food (mid, high)
  • Hop or Crawl (mid, high)
  • Shells and Skin (mid, high)
  • Rainforest Home (mid, high)
Unit — Animals
  • Animal Trading Cards
  • Sow Bugs
  • Pet or Not
Unit — Animals
  • Movies: Animal Parts; Monkeys Can Share, Too; Name the Animals
  • Career Files: Veterinarian; Wildlife Photographer; Zookeeper
  • Game Pack: Animals Game Pack — All
  • Concept Books: All Animals Concept Books
Chapter 3: People
  • How Do People Use Their Parts?
  • How Do People Grow and Change?
Unit — Senses
  • Senses
Unit — Senses
  • Soft to the Touch
  • Optical Illusions
  • Animal Ears
  • Mint Flavor
Unit — Senses
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Identifying Substances by Smell
  • Senses Poster
Unit — Senses
  • Movies: Food Flavor Mystery Solved
  • Career Files: Optometrist; Perfume Maker; K-9 Police Officer; Sign Translator
  • Game Pack: Senses Game Pack — All
  • Concept Books: All Senses Concept Books