Book cover shows pink, blue, and white light dancing around inside a clear glass ball with a smaller pink ball glowing in the center.

Electricity and Magnetism

The book Electricity and Magnetism introduces many important concepts about electricity and magnetism, including how they are related to each other. Atomic particles are important to how electricity is produced; as atoms gain or lose electrons, they become positively or negatively charged. The book compares static electricity and electric currents, alternating current and direct current, and conductors and insulators. In most power plants, steam, water, or wind helps generate electricity, and transmission lines then deliver it for our use. People use volts, amps, and watts to measure electricity and to ensure that it is delivered at safe levels. Magnets have north and south poles, and these poles either attract or repel the poles of other magnets. Magnets moving past metal generate electricity. Conversely, electricity can be used to develop magnetic fields and electromagnets. Electricity and magnetism are both very important in today's world.

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