Book cover shows three people adding toppings to a pizza crust.

Mixing Matter

Grade 5-6, Physical, Mixing Matter Unit
The book Mixing Matter explains that matter is anything that takes up space and has weight. Matter can be broken down into atoms and molecules. An atom-the smallest piece of an element-may combine with other atoms of the same type or with atoms of other elements. When atoms combine, they form molecules. Molecules containing atoms of two or more different elements are called compounds. When substances mix, they may undergo physical or chemical changes. Physical changes include changing states or becoming a mixture. It is possible to change back and forth between states of matter or to separate the individual substances in a mixture without changing the chemical composition of a substance. However, substances that combine and form chemical bonds cannot be easily separated; they create a new substance with new properties. The fact that matter can be combined and mixed in many ways creates the great variety of matter in our world.

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