Leveled Elementary Science Curriculum
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Looking for Resources to Differentiate your Science Instruction?

Differentiated Science Instruction to Meet the Needs of ALL Students:

  • Comprehensive science units.
  • K-2, 3-4 and 5-6 grade spans.
  • Three reading levels at each grade range.

How Does Science A-Z Work?

  • Integrates science instruction and literacy.
  • Supplements your core science program.
  • Enables development of your own elementary science curriculum.
  • Prepares students for NCLB science testing.
  • Meets state and national science standards.
Science in The News
Racetrack Rocks Caught on the Move

Racetrack Rocks Caught on the Move

Also Includes:
  • Sharpshooting Fish Hits the Mark
  • Dandelion Weed Fills a Need
  • What's That? Plants Listen for Danger

Early elementary reading levelpdf projectable
Middle elementary reading levelpdf projectable
Upper elementary reading levelpdf projectable

Science in the News Archive


Science A-Z offers printable and projectable materials to teach comprehensive science units within Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Process Science. These units contain: leveled nonfiction science books, science lesson plans, science vocabulary resources, science worksheets, science labs and experiments, science fair projects, rubrics, graphic organizers, fun science games, hands-on science activities, and science assessments.

This versatile science program integrates science and literacy instruction, supplements your core science program, enables development of your own elementary science curriculum, prepares students for high-stakes science testing, and meets state science standards and national science standards. Science A-Z also provides free science news for kids at multiple reading levels. With Science A-Z, students read, write, communicate, think, and do science.


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